My Bliss.

Welcome to my blog. Finding balance between  photography, family and everything in between. 


First here is my view...

Yes that is my crazy HUGE tummy. Sorry not the most attractive photo. I keep wondering how it can get any larger...but somehow it finds a way. Whew. Luckily this "thing" is blocking my view from this...

EWWWW. Feet. I am not a fan of feet and can not believe I am even allowing myself to post this but I officially have Flintstone feet! Yuck. My narrow skinny feet are now little fatty's. Not loving it. I "guess" its normal but still....Do my feet have to match Fred's? I much prefer my long skinny toes.

Lucky for me I am at the point I can not only see my feet but I can not reach my feet to put on socks either. Flip Flops have been my friend (thank you weather for giving us at least a couple non-rainy days). I did get some very special advice this week however. My good friend Dave hurt his back and has been struggling with his socks. Says he found the Perfect Solution for me!

SALAD TONGS! Yup...thats right. He sent that to me and I could not stop laughing! Just hoping my next dinner visit he WASHES them first! LOL. Just teasing! Thanks Dave for the advice. For now Dan has been helping me with socks/shoes and bowling and there is only one more week of that (thanks honey!). So hopefully I can continue to avoid socks till Lily gets here. It is Summer almost right?

Until next time,


Lily has Arrived!

Excited? hmmm