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It’s official! My son and his wife Jenn are expecting a baby girl in July! The baby shower…

We have heard the word that they want to have a co-ed shower. Back in the day, it was women only at showers. Older guys, like my husband, are like, “I am NOT going to a baby shower!” Well I think he will just have to rearrange his thinking on this one, because he will be attending.  My son specifically mentioned the co-ed shower idea, just so Tim and also his guy friends could attend.

Both of my daughters had co-ed showers and they worked out very well.  They had a lot of couples as well as men friends in attendance. Everyone had a great time.

Although it can be kind of a challenge to even contemplate the planning of a guy friendly shower if you have never planned a co-ed one, it is really just another social gathering, right? It’s a time for friends and family of the expecting couple to get together and share in the happiness and fun. Like any other party, you need food, (guys definitely come for the food) and the games can be even more fun with both the women and men playing. (Men are so competitive)!

Once you are a designated shower planner you will need to come up with the place to have the shower, the date and time, the guest list, a theme/ color scheme for decorations, a menu and games with prizes. Very important tip, don’t forget to recruit some helpers to put it all together and also to help clean up on party day, it is a lot of fun but a lot of work too.

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