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9 Months and counting...

Well...Lily is actually 10 months now. But I still havent made a post for her 9 month.  Why does each day go by so fast anyway?  No time. Or only time for one thing a day and then a million small things. Yup thats the life.  But I will tell you its AMAZING what you can accomplish in a small amount of time if that is all you have.  This post is probably going to take me all day to finish but we will see.  I have Lily caged (did I say that?) I mean...umm...in her pack in play in my office. Yeah. Thats gonna last about 5 minutes. The girl does not like being stuck.  But hey 5 minutes is 5 minutes and I am already part way through this post. So Small Accomplishment but so worth it.  Back to Lily....9 Months. Whew. Thank goodness.  How we made it this far I have no clue but both Dan and I are happy we are moving right along. Every day is different with Lily and we are both excited for her to grow so we can do "big girl things" such as Zoo, OMSI oh and of course there is Disneyland (although that might be more for us? ha ha).  I know looking back down the road we will probably miss these days but I wont miss the no sleep so I guess Ill have to weigh that one out.  So lets see where my getting big girl is: 9 Months

Height: 28.75  85%

Weight: 18.14  34%

Tall and thin :)  Thats my girl. You are crawling EVERYWHERE. You wish you could walk...But not quite ready for that. You LOVE pizza crust and anything you can hold in your hand and eat. Small cut up foods not so good. But carrots, string cheese, bread, apples. Anything you can hold onto  you are happy. You make the silliest faces and make mommy and daddy laugh You still think sleep is over-rated but at least SOME nights are better then it used to be. Still no Momma but you LOVE to say DA DA DA DA. Daddy is your favorite BY FAR. You cry when he gets home unless he immediately comes to see you You like snuggling with your daddy You like going for car rides You have had your bottom two teeth since Christmas but no others yet Your hair fell out but has all came back thick and BLOND. Do not ask us how THAT happened :) You are VERY LOUD. Who knows how that happened either. LOL You are just about too big for your carseat. Time for a new Big Girl Seat

Im getting interrupted...by Miss Pay Attention to ME. he he. So I am going to end there. Here is a pic Ill leave you with of my 9 month old Cutie....

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