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Out of town...

Last week I had to take a short trip out of town to Reno.  I had debated bringing Lily but when it came down to it...It was a working trip and a quick one so it was better to leave her with Daddy for the two days.  I was SO looking forward to getting a decent nights sleep but no....that would have been too easy. I of course had to catch a nasty cold right before I had to leave. So much for sleeping.  But I suppose it could have been worse and I was thankful that I at least got to avoid baby wakeups and Daddy snores for two nights. I had a nice cozy bed to myself!  I also got to visit with my family while I was in town which is also great!  My little brother and his wife are expecting their little girl this July so we had lots of baby business :)  I am excited to have another cousin for Lily to play with! While I was out of town I got the iphone pic play by play from Dan to make me feel like I was not missing anything.  What a sweet hubby.  So here is what dan sent with his commentary! LOL

"Morning Mommy"


"Laundry Is Fun"


"Lily is going to be a Librarian"


"Nap Time"


And my personal favorite..."Look Mommy Im Helping"


So much fun to still feel part of Lily's day. What did we do before technology!  We also had a little video ichat while I was away to make sure she missed me :)


Lily's first day of "Daycare"

Snap Shot Sunday-My Cutie Pies