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Lily's first day of "Daycare"

I did it. I just dropped off Lily for her first day of daycare. And Im not gonna lie...I walked out and sat in my car...and cried. Just a little. Ugh.  Its not like people havent watched her. Its not like I am not THRILLED for the break. I dont get it.  There was something about dropping her off to complete strangers that I think did me in. And to top it off...the girl I had met TWICE and liked was NOT there today. Double Ugh. Luckily Lily seemed just fine with the new person and started climbing on her right away. Whew.  Ill add some photos after I pick her up as I want to take a couple more.  And I want to see how her first day goes. Lily is a pretty good girl so hopefully hanging out with some babies and kids will be fun for her. More soon~



Well we survived. And I guess when I say "We" I should probably just say "I".  I am pretty sure Lily could have cared less. No meltdowns (other than when I buckled her in to leave...go figure).  I was told Lily did great. I tried to resist the urge to both pick Lily up early (as in an hour after I dropped her off! lol) and be the crazy mom who checks on her every hour.  They said they were surprised I didn't call or email.  I told them I was trying to be good!  ha ha.  Crazy moms can drive people nuts.  I am hoping this will all get a little easier in time and I will not be so frazzled after dropping her off. I really do need to get some work done while she is in daycare and quite worrying about her every minute.

We decided on a Kindercare. I have heard both good and bad about "Kindercare" but not necessarily anything about this particular one. Its 5 minutes from my house and in between my house and studio so its perfect in that sense.  I also had someone (I can't remember who now?) say to me that "People are People no matter where you go".  It kinda stuck with me.  Instead of listening to all the crazy advice about what I shouldn't do I decided I really just wanted to be comfortable with the people who were watching my baby girl.  The first place I went I didn't want the girl touching my child. Mean. I know...sorry.  But at this Kindercare I really did like the girl in the Nursery and I met a few others the two times I visited (once without Dan and once without).  I was also thrilled that the director actually knew who I was! Or well...she knew Bliss Studio :) One of her good friends is a client.  So that pretty much sealed the deal for me.  The drop off would have made me feel a little better if the original gal I had met didn't have the day off.  It was obviously still fine but I think I was really hoping for that small "comfort".  There were plenty of helpers though and I held it together while I was in the building. No tears. Its only daycare.  Now...what happens in my car....well....ha ha ha.

Anyway...I snagged a couple pics!

Here is the drop off... whew...


And Lily saying..."MOM its fine. I will be fine. Can you leave already!"


"Okay Mom...Now you are just embarrassing me. I GOT THIS'

And the sheet that says Lily had a good first day.  I like reading about her day.


And we did it. Home and Happy.


Thanks everyone for your love and support! I know a few of you checked in with me today and it  Meant a Lot :)


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