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1st Mother's Day

I can say I am a Mother but it still sounds foreign. I had to write it on paperwork for Lily at the Doctor's office and it felt strange. I guess this will all seem different in time but I am still in a Surreal moment. This Mother's Day little Lily should have still be cooking in my belly but she obviously had her own idea. I am thankful that she is here and I get to enjoy her on this special day. Dan asked what I wanted for Mother's Day and all I asked for was Sleep and Waffles! I am pretty easy when it comes to gifts. However Dan had given me my actual gift a little early (before we were able to take Lily home from the hospital) as he felt I deserved something then. Here is what he gave me...

Sorry not the best photo taken with my iphone but you still get the point! I LOVE IT! I had found it a long time ago and sent him an email saying I need this :) He remembered and months later he got it! What a wonderful Hubby!

I was also excited yesterday as my mailbox was full of cards! Both congrats on Lily as well as my very first Mother's Day Card from my mom!

Thanks Mom! It was such a nice surprise! I know we all send texts and emails but there is still something special about getting love in the mail isnt there? Plus its much more fun to put up cards on the fireplace!

Okay...Now I am feeling a bit guilty that my Thank You cards have not been finished. I had started working on them the friday I went into labor and I am using the "its been a bit chaotic" excuse! But I really need to get them out! They are handmade and adorable so keep your eyes out for them...


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