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Baby Bliss?

Well not really. Wait. What I mean is Little Lily has her nights/days mixed up. She is blissfully sleeping all day long...

But thinks its fun to keep her mom up at night...

Its a good thing she is Cute! Although I may not think that at 3am! Sorry...But I am groggy and just praying the little booger will go to sleep! I keep wondering who thought making it so babies did not sleep at night was a good idea? I mean really....Parents living with little to no sleep is not good for anyone. It tests patience and makes us addicted to coffee. Now I know it is only temporary but I think someone should re-evaluate and make it so babies sleep peacefully all night from the get go. Dont you agree? Although maybe if having babies was so easy we would all have 19? KIDDING! One is looking like PLENTY for us! LOL

Yesterday was a bit of a sad day as we had to give our little Bliss Kitty up for temporary (maybe permanent) adoption. A good friend took her in for us as Bliss REALLY wanted to snuggle with Lily. Normally that would be fine BUT Bliss is at least twice the size of Lily. The last straw was when Bliss tried to jump in the bassinet WHILE Lily was in it. I flipped and called in my favor. Mama Bear is coming out I think! I love my little kitty but I can not be stressed she is going to squish my little girl either. Sad day but I know Bliss will be well taken care of.

Here is a quick shot of Bliss attempting to snuggle with Lily before I made her MOVE! ha ha ha

We need to take some non-iphone pics! I am hoping we will get some taken this weekend so we can post some. Lily is already getting bigger and will be 3 weeks old this weekend. Having that week in the hospital is making it seem like less time. But I guess everyone is right...Time flies!

More soon!


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