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Yesterday was Lily’s first day at a daycare… I know how hard this is! I remember when I had to put her Mommy, Whitney in daycare for the first time. It was a private home daycare and recommended by a high school friend with kids. This did NOT go well. The lady had her daughter-in-law helping out with the kids, so there were 2 of them, and not too many kids, so you would think this would work out well, uh nope! Apparently, while I was at work, the two of them had a falling out of some sort. I had no idea…I went to pick Whitney up at the regular time, and the lady told me that her daughter-in-law took Whitney and left??? Excuse me, WHAT??? Um, ya, left apparently because she was the one who took primary care of Whitney, according to her Mother-in-law. I quickly got directions to where she had taken my precious baby and it was a one room brick building-house in the middle of the freaking desert, really! And, they had no PHONE, no heat, no a/c, no refrigerator, no furniture except for a bed pushed up against a wall and a Styrofoam cooler. OMG! I still get upset just repeating this story. Well, after letting them know that this was absolutely NOT OK, I gathered up my baby and was out of there. The next day, my sister-in-law offered to watch Whitney. She was a very good sitter and helped me out for a little while until her neighbor that did regular home daycare had an opening for Whitney. It is not ever fun leaving your little ones with strangers, or even people you know sometimes. The worry….And, now this Mommy is a Gma and so worries about her grandbabies too, because that is what we do. A Mother’s job is never done!


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