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Sanow Twins Turn One!

About a week ago...Sam was harassing me that I hadnt been a very good blogger. Well...I think she can take it back now....I posted LOTS this week!  Its amazing what I can pull off with just a little time on my computer!  I am determined to get caught up with business and personal stuff these next couple weeks.  With Lily starting Daycare I think I can do it! Fingers crossed anyway. But back to the post!  I have been meaning to post these for awhile but Lily and I attended Ellerie & Esme's first Bday party back in March. It was ADORABLE!  I helped with a few of the crafty details and putting stuff together but Samantha is quite the crafty girl too!  She not only made the girls' adorable outfits but she made the goodie bags, flagged banner and the awesome tissue balls!  And she baked the Yummy cupcakes! The sock monkey theme was a blast. It was so much fun to help and now Sam is getting to help with Lily's party details!  Her hubby, Jon was teasing us..."are you guys going to do this EVERY party?" he asks!  Well DUH!  When you have a couple of crafty girls you cant help it.  And hopefully it will get easier as the girls get older and we have more "free time" to work on stuff.  It is hard to wrangle 3 kids while we craft. Thank goodness for the boys' help!

Sam- I hope you dont mind me posting a couple pics I snagged with my phone?  ha ha. If you want to see the post Sam made on her girls' blog you can click HERE.




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