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Lily's 2nd Easter...

I missed Random Snapshot Sunday yesterday...but I figured since it was Easter I was forgiven :)  I was trying to delay on my official Easter post as I know Lily has a gift coming from her Grandma but it hasnt found its way here quite yet so I will add to this post after we get it.  I had a couple people checking on Lily's Easter and asking for pics so I wanted to get this posted.  Yesterday was technically Lily's 2nd Easter.  Her first Easter she was one day old!  And I still remember getting Roses and Easter Lily's from our good friends the Sanows while I was in the hospital.  My house smelled SO YUMMY for a week!  So this year since I didnt JUST give birth...ha ha...I was able to put a proper Easter Basket together for my little princess.  I bought a basket at Pottery Barn Kids (well...she will use it every year right? At least thats what I am telling myself! ha ha)....and found a few cute things to put in it.  I suppose next Easter will be more fun for Lily as she will be able to play with eggs.  But this year we just did a Basket and had a mellow day. Here is a photo of her adorable Basket of goodies...


As soon as I put the basket down for her...she KNEW it was for her.  And she crawled to it as fast as she could!


Lily took one thing out of the basket at a time. It was CUTE!


I have no idea what this face is? But I promise she liked her soft little bunny...


Lily's "adopted Grandparents" and our good friends Dave & Nancy brought Lily another Easter basket! Can you say SPOILED!  She was excited again for another gift.  Here is the basket:


And Lily with her basket...


Thanks to Dave and Nancy for the basket of goodies!  Lily LOVED it!


More Soon~ Whitney

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