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Beer Bread Anyone?

What is with me and all this cooking with Beer! ha!  For someone who rarely and barely drinks it...go figure.  But it does add a little Zing to my baking skills.  Last week our good friend Nancy (Lily's adopted Grandma) and neighboor came over for a lesson in bread making. She makes homemade bread all the time...SO YUMMY!  She said Beer Bread would be the easiest to start with.  I have made zuccini bread many times but that is not the same as making bread you have to wait for. And I mean WAIT for.  Who knew how much pre planning and patience went into bread making.  It has to rise? Really?  For HOURS!  Lets just say I really appreciate Nancy's bread a 100 times more after this.  I would do it again though...as it was a hit and super tasty. Here are the crazy ingredients we used:


Instead of measuring the flour Nancy has a mini scale that I just happened to like. Might need to be on my future Christmas List. Look how cute it is...


Waiting for the bread to rise....Could you hurry up already! I want to eat BREAD!



And I think it was a hit....


Again if you are interested in the recipe let me know and I will post it!



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