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Okay...Read this at your own risk....LOL

Holy Poop is right! How is it possible that something SO SMALL can create that much poop? Seriously. There are poopy diapers that literally take us 3-4 diapers. Meaning...While we are changing her already overflowing diaper...She decides to pee. Whoops ruined diaper number 2...Then you proceed with a new diaper and MORE POOP! What the heck? So not only am I gagging at the smell (which for those of you who dont know...Formula fed babies poo...NASTY! lol) I am laughing so hard that I am about to pee my pants. So yelling for Dan to help so I can go pee is even more funny. He thinks I am just trying to get out of changing the diaper but reality is I am going to wet my pants. Too much information...BUT once you have a baby your bladder is NEVER the same. If I dont run to potty I will wet my pants! Dont know what it is but pushing that baby out did something. ha ha ha ha. Well there you have it. Poop. One of joys of having a baby. Sure makes you look forward to potty training.


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