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Gifts...Gifts...and more gifts!

I am just amazed that little Lily is STILL getting gifts. This girl is going to be one spoiled girl. Wait..going to be? Who am I kidding...she already is. Surprise gifts keep arriving and are ADORABLE! I am still working on my thank yous from the shower...(I know sorry!) but Thank Yous are on their way to everyone who has sent gifts. We REALLY appreciate all the love. I have also been working on getting baby announcements out. Once I have given everyone the chance to get there's in the mail I will post a photo of them. I dont want to spoil the surprise. I had to order more cards that just arrived so if you havent got one yet dont panic. OR if you want to make sure I dont forget you leave a comment with a reminder :) ha ha. I have a few extras if I left anyone out. I will say they are pretty cute!


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