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Thursday Buzz with Gma...

Due to some specific health concerns of my own, I have been doing some extensive research on all natural products for body care, soaps, shampoo and conditioners, etc. It is really hard to find products without harmful processing and extremely difficult to find products without harsh chemicals in them. I learned long ago that what we put on our bodies is absorbed quickly into our blood streams and systems more effectively than ingesting/eating or drinking them. WHY do almost ALL personal care products have toxic chemicals in them? Often even the ingredient listed as "natural" products contain chemicals that are unrecognizable and unfamiliar to most people and how can we help but wonder how and why these chemicals can be labeled as natural under these conditions? So now I am thinking about Lily and Landon and baby Ella to be…Babies and children especially should not be exposed to these toxic chemicals while they are so vulnerable and when they are growing. So, I have included a link I found for a couple of products that are not processed in a harmful way, (a process that leaves behind unnatural final products with toxic substances in them). I have just purchased the Everyday shampoo and conditioner and the hand soap for myself at Whole Foods for a few bucks less. I also found a couple baby/kids products on their site and thought that I would share. Some of us don’t realize or we just think, everything is “BAD” for us so who cares and we all turned out ok, right? Well, look at all the diseases and health problems we have to worry about these days where they haven’t been able to figure out a cause or a cure!

OK, I will get of my “soap box” now….pun intended J Here are a couple of pics and a link.


Shea Butter Shampoo & Body Wash

Teri Troke-Lily's Gma


Happy Birthday Lily (Part TWO)

Snap Shot Sunday...