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Happy Birthday Lily (Part TWO)

So at least one of you has been waiting impatiently for part two! ha ha.  Well maybe two of you???  I havent had much computer time this week for some reason. I dont know how my days keep disappering but they do.  So its CATCH UP TIME! Both in personal stuff to do as well as Bliss stuff. I can do it!  I wanted to start the morning off with some more pics from Lily's party as I know there really is a couple of you who were hoping to see some more cute pics! First up is the dessert....Yummy Pink Lemonade cupcakes with Raspberry lemonade frosting made by me :)  A huge thanks to my sister in law, Jenn who helped decorate these!


And Lily's cupcake. I decided a whole cake was a bit over kill for her one year. I know everyone does it...but I thought a cupcake was perfect.


I had mason jars for everyone for their drinks...each with a handmade tag and the first letter of their name...For some reason I missed a photo of the drinks? But we had Lavender Lemonade and Raspberry Lemonade! So Yummy!


Couple of shots of the food display.  We (my mom and I) made cute flower tags that stood up on the table with clothespins. A couple of them we slipped in with the food. I want to say THANK YOU tons to Nancy who helped bring some of the homemade goodies. I never claim to be much of a cook and the special items she made were so wonderful!  Thank you Nancy :)

And our final little details were outside. I was so thankful for the beautiful weather we had. We were able to sprinkle around inside and out so it wasnt too cramped in my house.  A party would not be complete without a craft project at my house.  Its expected right? I didnt just get crafts for the kids...Nope. It was fun to make all the adults craft too. But I know they secretly loved it!  I had purchased everyone a cute little bird house to paint.  I know I posted one of the photos with my mom's buzz post a few back but here is the before/afters of the little bird houses. I think there is a few missing but this was the shot I got at the end. Also note the CUTE tissue balls we had hanging. HUGE THANK YOU to Samantha for both hunting down the Perfect colors and for making them for us! We loved them...


Lots of pics huh?  This is why its taken me forever! Lots to share.  I think I will drag this to a part three. I have Lily eating her cupcake, fun gifts AND we can not forget the wonderful PhotoBooth pics. They may need their very OWN post!  Stay tuned for more...


Happy Birthday Lily- Part 3!

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