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Happy Birthday Lily- Part 3!

We are getting there right? Still more photos to share.  Now we have gifts and cake eating! Here is a shot of Lily before the chaos began...


And I think she was getting a "little" sleepy by the time we sang Happy Birthday...But nothing a little sugar cant cure!

Time to EAT!


Watching Lily open gifts was funny!  She wasnt quite as skilled a Christmas this past year so this was her first good opportunity to open gifts.  I am not sure which she liked more...the gift or the paper?  She also got a few clothes items in the first couple gifts and that was all she wanted.  I think she is going to be a fashion designer :)  Miss Lily LOVES Clothes!  Lily got so many wonderful gifts!  Lots of goodies for her new kitchen, adorable clothes, a wooden camera with her name on it (LOVE!) And so much more. I LOVED everything and so does Lily!    Thank you Thank you Thank you to everyone!  Lily is LOVED!


At the end of the afternoon I was able to snag a couple of quick photos of my Birthday Girl...

I didnt do a very good job photographing guests (oops!) but I figure the photo booth will take care of that for me (stay tuned for that craziness! LOL).  I did get just a couple shots at the very end with Lily and her buds, Esme & Ellerie...


I will work on photobooth post next but this does wrap up the bday!  It was a perfect day and I am very thankful.  Thank you to Nancy for the planning help and food help, Thank you to my mom for crafting and all your help planning and setting up, Thank you to Sam for the invite help and the tissue balls, Thank you to Jenn for your mad cake decorating skills, Thank you to Jamie with setup help and Lily help, and Thank you to my hubby for his patience...ideas and his help :)  If I forgot anyone...I am so sorry but I promise you are still loved. I know many of you also traveled far to be here and it really meant a lot!  Hugs to everyone from all of us!


Snap Shot(s) Sunday...

Happy Birthday Lily (Part TWO)