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Lily Goodies...

Today I got a package from my sister Destiny with my mothers day gift and a few things for Lily. I took a photo of my mothers day gift but in case you cant tell what it is this is an iphone cover that she had made for me! Destiny has one that says Landon Jo on it and our mom "Grandma" has one that says Lily & Landon. So adorable...

Also in my little package was some products for Lily from The Body Shop where Dest works.

Little Lily has some sensitive skin and has a bit of a rash. Part of it is caused by a milk protein allergy which we have fixed and it is getting better but we also wanted to use some extra sensitive soap/shampoo in her bath just in case. Thanks Dest for thinking of us and sending the goodies! You are the best! HUGS and KISSES from us both!

~Whitney & Lily :)

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