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Prego Brain VS New Mommy Brain

I still remember people using the excuse "Prego Brain" and also trying to ask me if I had it? Well I dont remember ever using that excuse myself and always thought it was silly when other people claimed that excuse. Sorry...Not being mean...It was just not something that really effected me so I never really understood it. Now however I wonder about New Mommy Brain? I might have to pull that excuse but its not on purpose. I look over the past 6 weeks and it seems to mush all together. Meaning Dan and I BOTH have a hard time remembering what happened during the "night shift" from the night before. I think its more falling into somewhat of a routine that throws you off. Its hard to remember what happened. I dont think I have been necessarily forgetful each day but Miss High Maintenance does take most of my time during the day so I do have to prioritize. Things get pushed aside until I have either help or have a chance to make it happen. So is this New Mommy Brain? Or just plain Busy? I am going to say Busy. At least that is the excuse I am choosing to use! ha ha If you have/had Prego or new mommy brain....I still love ya dont worry.

~ Whitney

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