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Lily 2.0-Upgrade to 4.0?

I always think about clever blog posts while I lay in bed praying Lily will just SLEEP! Keep in mind I also SHOULD BE SLEEPING. But I can hear little miss fussy pants in her crib and am trying to patiently wait for her to stop making noise.

So last night I decided I am ready for an upgrade. I am not asking for much...

Lily 4.0 will sleep through the night, keep the fussing to a minimum, smile and laugh with a touch of a button, auto diaper changing capabilities, come supplied with a Mute Button, auto freshener to keep those poopy diapers smelling like roses and of course will be supplied with better communication skills so her parents will not have to guess what she is wanting. Now..Thats not too much to ask right? I am thinking the upgrade sounds fabulous! And I can not wait for its arrival.

Ha ha!


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