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Death Grip

Lily's new thing is the fist that has a death grip on whatever it grabs. So usually my hair (OUCH) but also my clothes or my skin or whatever she can get her fist around. Its just awesome. I wasnt too worried about this new found motor skill other than the fact that she liked to inflict pain on me. But hey it goes with the territory right?

Until yesterday....

I had finished changing her diaper and was washing my hands when I heard Lily screaming at the top of her lungs. I went running to where she was and it took me a minute to figure out what was going on. Lily had reached her little hand up to that beautiful head of hair and was exercising her death grip on it. Thats right she was pulling her hair as hard as she could and screaming in pain! Its funny now...but it wasnt so funny as I was trying to get her to actually release that death grip. I finally pried her fingers away from her poor hair and worked on calming her down. Now tell me...One..How the heck do you explain to a two month old that she was in fact hurting herself? Ha ha ha. And two...Do I have to tie those hands down? Or keep a hat on her at all times? ha ha ha. Oh this is going to be fun isnt it?


Mini for Lily

Lily 2.0-Upgrade to 4.0?