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40 Before 40

40 Before 40

So, I’m doing this thing to celebrate turning 4o. A little 40 before 40 challenge. My big day is November 12th which means from now until then, I am trying to do 40 things. I made a bucket list of fun, some self care or just things I have been wanting to do and I am going to make time to make it happen. One of my friends saw “bucket list” and was a little hesitant as its the thing you do when your life is ending (don’t worry he politely teased me). But honestly, this is really the opposite of that. Its about LIVING. Its about embracing my 40’s head on and enjoying each day. My life is not over. Its in full swing and it is a good reminder to me AND anyone reading this to make time for yourself. Make time for your family. Make time to do things (even the small ones) to LIVE each day as best as you can.

To help hold myself accountable (AND because I keep getting asked) I am going to share my bucket list here. If you are not already, please follow me on instagram @blissstudiopdx as that is where I will share photos of the fun as I knock things off my list! There are already a few that I have accomplished so you can already see some of the posts. So LET’s DO THIS:

  1. Get a tattoo

  2. Get a massage

  3. Get a pedicure

  4. Go on a date

  5. Teach a class

  6. Get a facial

  7. Buy a new dress *

  8. Dye Hair *

  9. Wine tasting

  10. Beer Tasting

  11. Paint night

  12. Mother/Son Date

  13. Mother/Daughter Date

  14. Bubble Bath

  15. Read a Book

  16. Quilt

  17. Try a new Restaurant

  18. Bake a cake

  19. Make homemade ice cream

  20. Coffee Date *

  21. Visit Salt & Straw

  22. Watch a chick flick

  23. Go to the Movies

  24. Eat a cupcake

  25. Get make up done *

  26. 40th Bday photo session *

  27. Margarita night

  28. Listen to an Audio book

  29. Listen to a podcast

  30. Harry Potter Event

  31. Practice Calligraphy

  32. Geocache outing

  33. Take a scenic photo

  34. Mail someone a card

  35. Do a puzzle

  36. Quilt block for studio

  37. Indoor Campout

  38. Make homemade noodles

  39. Embrodiery

  40. Epic 40th Party

I marked the completed ones with a * (proof on insta). It is going to be awesome! I hope you will follow along and give me some encouragement along the way! I am also trying to use the hashtag #whitneyturns40 so you can follow that as well.

Cheers to 40!


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