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Lighting Workshop

Lighting Workshop

I am super excited to have an upcoming Lighting Workshop for Oregon Professional Photographers Association. This workshop will be taught by Dan and I, “New School Lighting, Learning to love the studio again” and will be held at our studio in Oregon City. This will be a full day hands on workshop. You will have the opportunity to photograph a model (or two!) and spend some time editing your photos after the shoot. We will teach about post processing (using ON1), and sharing how we shoot in the studio using LED’ lights rather than strobes. We will talk about posing and selling a bit as well.

Workshop Date:
October 20, 2019
9:30am- 5:00pm
(please bring your lunch)
@ Bliss Studio in Oregon City

There is limited spots available so please register ASAP.


*We are sponsored speakers for ON1 and WHCC.
**Each attendee will receive a copy of ON1 Photo Raw 2020.

Questions? Please feel free to email if you have any! I am really looking forward to teaching this class!

Here are some samples of my studio work using LED lights and of course edited in ON1. I will have sample prints on my walls from WHCC to show them finished as well!

40 Before 40

40 Before 40