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Goodnight Room

Dan and I registered at Goodnight Room this weekend. I wasn't going to because you cant actually view our registry online. BUT....it is an adorable store with lots of goodies that we love. All of the nursery furniture came from there and I didn't really think there was enough smaller items to register for. I was very wrong. They have been getting all kinds of cute goodies there that we would love to have. So if you are in the Portland area you should check out the store no matter what. You have to ask for a registry list...but I think you should check out the store regardless if you are trying to get a gift. Its a CUTE store! Located in Bridgeport Village across from MAC makeup! Hope you love it as much as I do!



I cant really post photos of the "goodies" as they are not listed on Goodnight Room's Website. You have to go in to the store to see. However one line that I love is the Anais & Aden line of bamboo swaddles. Here is a couple of cute sets I took off their website....(and are on my registry at Goodnight Room)

Prego Friends...

Little Cute things...