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Prego Friends...

Finding out friends are pregnant is almost as exciting as finding out we were pregnant. You know you are getting older when your girlfriends either have kids or are now getting pregnant. Most of my friends already had kids but the rest seem to be jumping on board! Little Lily is going to have lots of playmates! I had the pleasure of being shocked by a good friend this morning as she spilled the beans. And I mean SHOCKED! About as shocked as everyone was to find out I was prego. This friend was on the no kids train with me...and we have both officially fallen off! Go us! AND...we managed to fall off around the same time which is even more awesome. Neither of us thought we would be having the baby conversation! I just want to say CONGRATS my dear friend (you know who you are!) and I can not wait for our little "girls" (LOL) to become great friends. (okay...if it is a boy...well...maybe more than friends! ha ha ha) Cant wait to share our Journeys together! I am here if you need anything! Hugs!


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