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Hipster Shoot (more catchup)

Well after that simply divine post from yesterday we are back to our regular scheduled catch up blog posts. You know...Im up to June. But don't worry we are almost there. I just have fun stuff I still want to share. And I need to get it all caught up so we can have more current posts. Im working on it. So lets do it. Next up....You may have already seen some of these pics but I really wanted to dedicate an entire post to it.  Everyone once in awhile I get a hair brained idea for a shoot. Good thing I have friends who like to play along. I wanted to do a little downtown OC hipster shoot. I haven't had a lot of play time in my little town so I thought it would be fun to check it out and also get some fun shots of the girls. I grabbed Lily's friends, Esme & Ellerie.....and we dressed the three up in hipster attire. The girls were cracking us up!  They played their parts well and got some amazing shots!  It can be very rewarding to shoot just because. On a whim....with no agenda. You never know what you will get out of it. Here is a random collection of shots that I loved from it! Thanks to the Sanow's for humoring me! I really loved this shoot!


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