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Sleeping Beauty

Lily had her first ballet performance this summer. She was a little princess in Sleeping Beauty. The ballet was held at West Linn High School and was a full blown ballet performance with adults and such. It was a fun experience and Lily loved it. I was very proud of her and how well she did with it all. Lily loved the costumes which comes as no surprise since she wears costumes and such all day long when she is at home. Goof Ball. I will say that Lily's favorite part? Daddy brining her flowers on the last performance. She was sooooo excited that he was watching and bringing her flowers (melt my heart). During the performance that Dan watched...There was a slight pause while the music changed. Lily got a huge smile and waved to daddy in the audience. So adorable. The little ones stole the show of course. Here are  a couple pics I snagged...She cracks me up!


~Whitney (Im caught up to June now! This was the end of June. So see almost there....LOL)

Pre-School Pics

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