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Pre-School Pics

Im posting a same day post prior to catching up? ha! Well I can't help it. I still have a few other posts that need to go up but today I photographed my kids school photos. And I mean their ENTIRE school. Over 100 kids plus class pics plus a few sibling shots. It was insane. The best part? I shot over 100 kids. Every single kid had their photo taken except one. Just one. Lennox. Hello BOOGER!  He screamed bloody murder which I probably would have taken a photo of but he was too busy attaching himself to Dan so there was no way I could pry him off to have him sit on the crate I brought. Not worth it. But I still think its funny amongst all the smiles and pouts I still managed to get a photo of all the kids but mine. Gotta love it. As I sit here and write this I am not sure how I am sitting. I hurt EVERYWHERE! Someone mentioned I must have a ton of patience to shoot that many kids. Oh that was the easy part. Its the 5000 squats I did over 4-5 hours. Thats right SQUATS! I was shooting kids...so I of course was squatting down to get on their level.  When I shoot I feel nothing....and what I mean by that is I feel no pain. Im on an adrenaline rush and on a mission so I don't even realize that everything hurts until its too late. I suppose it was worth it. I got the job done. ha ha ha.  But I can only imagine how bad tomorrow is going to be. This working out business is NOT for me. LOL

I wish I could share the class pics but I can't be posting a bunch of kids without permission. But the class pics are AMAZING. Lily's class did a silly pic and wrapped up my entire day. It was perfect. I will share Lily's school pic though. I am thankful that I got the job as now I love my kids pics. Its a win/win. Oh and yes...I said kids. Lennox and I kissed and made up and I managed to get a shot of my cutie. Thank goodness.

Here is Lily Age Four. And Lennox 18 Months.



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