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The Big Move.

So the secret is out....Dan and I decided to move the studio home and have been working on the move since June. I finally spilled the beans to my clients today and am hoping for lots of love and support. Im slightly scared but I know that its the right thing to do.  When I say moving it home....Not totally home.....working in the  house with our day to day chaos is not gonna happen. We have built a building on our property that will be the new home for Bliss.  I have been shooting on our property for the last year so I have been slowly prepping people for this.  The whirlwind has begun though, as we have to be out of my current space at the end of this month. This was about a month earlier than I was hoping for.  They wouldn't allow me to give the 90 day notice that I needed and they ended up leasing my space so we are to be out by the end of the month. I know it will be okay but ahhhhhhh. Still stressful as its going to be an "under construction zone" for my first month or two (at least) in the new building.  And of course it is my busiest time of the year double whammy. You know when things get hectic Im missing from Facebook and my blog is the first thing I let go.  Its hard to get through the day to day activities....there is just not enough hours in a day.  But know...Im working on a hopefully good solution for our family and hoping that not having to commute to work (so much traffic) will actually gain me a few hours each day.  Plus to own verses rent? It will be awesome to be putting my money into something we own.

Hang in there with me during the chaos/construction. Photos soon :)

PS...if you LOVE me and want to help we can use any and all help this month working on the building/moving/cleaning/watching kids ANYTHING! I would love you back forever and ever! ha ha


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