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Coffee. How did I ever survive without it? I guess there was some point in there I didn't actually need it. But now? Its like death warmed over until I have a cup. And look out until I have FINISHED my cup (just ask my hubby-eek).  I can't tell you how many times I have poured a cup of coffee and "lost it" or had to put it down to tend to the demands of my children. Ugh.  Behold a new cup found me. I can't promise I won't lose it. But it has a few things that will help. One...If I do lose it at least it will help it stay warm. And two (the best part)....it is SPILL PROOF. And after testing it out its actually pretty good too.  If you really work at it you can tip it over. It suctions itself to a surface so that if little hands come running and bump it the mug will NOT fall over. But it does release itself if you lift it to take a drink.  I can not tell you how many times I have spilled my coffee trying to grab it out of the way of Lennox's hands so he does not spill it. Right. So instead I spill it all over myself.  Normally when I am home I have my favorite mugs and I only think of a "to go" type mug if I am leaving the house. This particular one is great for home though too.  Having my office at home means my morning coffee often is enjoyed while sitting in front of my computer. This cup is genius. Now I have no fear of my computer getting dumped on by me or a child. If this has never happened to you consider yourself lucky. I have spilled in my keyboard numerous times (shhhh) and lily has "helped" make messes as well. I LOVE the color of this mug and I think it would make an excellent Christmas Gift for you or someone you love!

Here is a pic of the bottom which has the magic suction...

Go take a peek at their website:

The Mighty Mug

Let me know if you get one? I would love to hear what you think.  They are dishwasher safe (which is a MUST for me....sorry I don't hand wash dishes. ha ha) and range from about $20-$30. The one I got was $19.99.  I think its free shipping over $30.00 too...so buy one for you and one for a gift!


Happy Shopping Coffee Lovers :)


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