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Mornings are the BEST.

How to get out of the house each morning in 9 easy steps:

1. DO NOT Wake the children up. This is unacceptable and will ensure your morning will start off on the wrong foot.
2. Take your TIME. Under no circumstances can you be in a hurry. Being late for work is just part of this smooth morning process.
3. Kids MUST dress themselves (even if they are unable to dress themselves) Add 20 minutes to your morning for this task.
4. Kids MUST pick out their own clothes. No matter their age and no matter if its appropriate or not. Choose your battles. Let them freeze. Who cares.
5. Cartoons. Yes...adding TV time will keep these "things" (screaming kids become THINGS in my book) Happy.  Add another 20 minutes to your morning.
6. Make going Potty optional. Yes you read that right. Fighting them to go pee before you leave? Overrated. Pee your pants. See if I care.
7. Pop tarts. Yes. Pop tarts. Quick and easy. And no arguments from the kids on morning breakfast.
8. Shoes? Why are crying over what shoes you want to wear? You have got to be kidding me. Go bare foot. Step on a Rock. Your choice.
9. Let them climb/buckle whatever they need to do to get in the car BY THEMSELVES. If you help I guarantee a meltdown (or two). Add 15 minutes to your morning.
If you follow these simple steps you should hopefully arrive at work by lunch time and should ensure zero screaming/meltdowns. Morning routine should be pleasant and set your day off on the right foot.
The End.
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