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New Name Contest

I know you guys have missed me. And I honestly have it on my list to update a few things. First up is the blog needs to under go a name change. Baby Harlacher was great...when I was having babies. That ship has sailed and I no longer have (or will be having) any babies. So....I think its time to change it up a bit and come up with a new domain name other than babyharlacher.  Any suggestions?  Harlacher Family is already taken so thats out. I was trying to come up with something a little more fun and more about my life right now.  Ill sweeten the pot. IF you can come up with an awesome name (thats available...if you want to check hit up godaddy.com and check domain availability before you suggest it....Ill throw in a $20 Starbucks gift card. You an totally throw out as many names as you want (seriously!) I can use all the help/inspiration I can get. Family members....you guys can totally play!  Just comment on this post with anything you can come up with! Be creative! This name is going to stick with us for awhile! ****UPDATE**** Im trying to REMOVE Harlacher from the name. But Lily/Lennox could stay. Or something entirely different.

Lily says...PLEASE Help us!  No more Baby Harlacher!



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