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Welcome to my blog. Finding balance between  photography, family and everything in between. 


Some of you may have already figured it out but......I did it! We have a NEW NAME! Thanks to everyone who threw out ideas for the new blog.  I had been thinking about making this change for quite awhile now and was really having trouble coming up with a fitting title. I think I needed to throw it out into the universe so it would turn around and smack me right in the face. And that is exactly what it did. !!!WHACK!!! <insert face palm here>

HELLO!!!! Life Out Loud! DUH!  I have no idea why I didn't pick up on it sooner. For those of you who don't know. The tagline life.out.loud is a part of Bliss. Its something that my husband came up with many years ago. I think he was imagining me capturing "Life" in a very "loud" manner. But regardless of my being loud...or whether he was actually serious. It stuck. And become a part of my Bliss logo and trademark.

Since my blog is really my life as is Bliss, I think carrying over that tagline here makes it perfect. Agree?  So your new and improved blog address is now www.lifeoutloudblog.com.  Don't forget the Blog on the end. I tried to purchase the domain name without blog in it and it was only $8000. Yeah, Im thinking I would have to start a gofundme. HA. Kidding. Its a HELL NO. "Blog" at the end will be just fine. No domain name is worth $8000 unless its lined with gold. Then, Maybe.  The old domain will still forward for now.

Im happy to continue moving  forward and venting (ahem) posting on the blog. We have reached the drinking age (and no I do not mean 21) and its with family, friends and humor we all manage to survive. Sometimes we just need to share a little and remember...... We are not alone in this.

Thanks to everyone for all the love and support!  You may now continue BLOG Stalking me! Wahoo!


P.S. I am still making changes/updates. Hang in there with me. Rebranding/name changes are not an easy task!


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