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Fashionista in the Making

This girls style kills me. We already established that to (almost) guarantee a happy morning my kids have to pick out their own clothes and dress themselves. Choose your battles. So other than making sure Lily is somewhat appropriately layered for weather she picks out her clothes each day.  This also means from time to time I “might" raid her closet when she’s not looking to get rid of things (shhh).
This morning.
Lily comes down the stairs and can’t stop giggling. I look up to see my hippie child, so proud of the outfit she created. She doesn’t just pick out clothes she has to full on accessorize. Im guessing this girl got her fashion sense from her Auntie and Uncle because that gene skipped right over me and landed on them. Ever since Lily could pick her own clothes she has had her own style. She LOVES clothes and always has. Even when she was much younger clothes for gifts made her happy, when most kids her age just wanted toys.  She will wear any costume or any outfit I tell her is for a special occasion or photo session. She LOVES being stylish.
And without further adieu here is “Ms. Fashionista” …
The head piece (Dying laughing) is an infinity scarf she made at school with yarn. Why on her head? No clue. We let her out of the house in this get up and she was the hit at school today.
Lennox likes to do everything and anything sister does so he promptly asked for his photo to be taken in the same spot and made this face after saying “Like this, Mommy”.  Adorbs.
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Sibling Love.