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Sibling Love.

This morning was actually semi pleasant. I woke up a bit before the kids and was checking email, Facebook feed etc. This came up in my feed and just made me crack up laughing.

Seriously right?!?! I can not be alone in this.  Im definitely feeling it as my kids are hitting the fighting stage now that Lennox is getting a little older. Im constantly trying to keep the peace and keep the kids using their words rather than trying to kill each other. AND...its only just begun. Pretty soon, Lennox is going to REALLY be beating up on big sister before we know it. Cant Wait.

But then today. After dreading the normal morning routine I saw a tiny shimmer of light. Big sister, reading to her little brother.

No fighting. Just  a sweet, quite moment between the two of them. Melt my heart. Need more of these moments....They make everything completely worth it!

~Proud Mommy

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