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Show And Tell

For those of you who dont know I volunteer my time at a good friend (Ali's) kindergarden class. It makes me so happy to be able to go to her class and help the little kids. 5 and 6 year old kids are awesome. This year I was pregnant so the kids got to watch my belly grow. When we were in the hospital Ali let her kids know and they prayed for both Lily and I. I thought this was so sweet of them. So this last friday was Show and Tell in her class and I thought it would be awesome to bring her in. The best part? It was also Pajama day which was just perfect for me. All the kids (and Ali!) had on PJ's and brought their favorite stuffed animal for show and tell. My stuffed animal was Lily :) The kids were all smiles when I arrived and I was so happy to share her with them. They asked lots of cute questions...of course one was did she sleep a lot (NO!...ha ha) And the winner was..."How come she has a Mohawk?" LOVE IT! Because I think my child must have a hair do that sticks straight up! She will probably hate me for it later in life but hey...might as well have fun with it for now.


Prego Brain VS New Mommy Brain

Gifts...Gifts...and more gifts!